The Choice To Go Vegan


A lot of my friends feel like my sudden choice to go vegan was random. It wasn’t.

I have dabbled in the meatless world before. Way back when I was 16 and sweet. I vowed off all meats for almost 5 years thanks to the help of that very graphic PETA DVD I got from a day at Warped Tour. I’ll never be able to tell you why I started eating meat again, because I have no idea. I wish I hadn’t though.

Now, I have realized that this body just isn’t going to get where I want it to be, if I keep eating the way I do. I’m still sweet, but no longer 16 unfortunately. With all the information out there about how much gunk is in our foods, it makes me not want to eat anything! I figure the best thing I can do for myself and my family is to start eating cleaner and to cut out meats. Also, the way the meat and dairy industry treats our animals is cruel. I would prefer not to support them anymore by buying and consuming their products. When I first mentioned this to Andrew, he laughed. He said there was no way he was giving up meat. Karli seems to be team Dad too. Although, I really think she’ll eat anything I put in front of her. She likes to pretend to be picky, but the truth is this girl likes pretty much everything.

As of right now, my plan is to get myself on a healthy and balanced vegan diet. Then, when Norah can start eating solids, we will keep her on a healthy and balanced vegan diet. Hopefully, the other two will start to follow suit.

Surprisingly, I haven’t craved much meat at all. I am guessing it’s because I have substituted it with other proteins like tofu and seitan. Both taste amazing if seasoned properly.  Currently my biggest struggles are with dairy. And by dairy, I mean cheese and butter. I can give up the milk and ice cream. I can leave the sour cream and mayo behind. But me, butter, and cheese have a special relationship. They go on almost everything I eat. So that has been a slow break up process, but I promise, it’s going to happen.

I have tried some cheese substitutes, and there is one brand that I now swear by. It’s called Follow Your Heart. I will do some reviews on the foods that I eat and the substitutes that I buy. I am eating a lot of vegan pre-made meals or “tv dinners”, mainly because I don’t have time to cook a separate meal for myself right now. This is just the beginning though. Once I get the hang of things and learn some new recipes, it’s gonna be on.

But for now, look out for reviews on the store-bought stuff. I’ll have a few up soon!


With all the love!



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