Review: Morning Star Farms- Veggie Bacon Strips

My fiancé told me about this “bacon” that he once had, and how amazing it was. No, he isn’t vegan and is refusing to give up meat as of right now *eye roll*, but he’s pretty much had every meat substitute/alternative there is out there. Let’s just say he’s a foodie.IMG_1938

Last night we decided to hit up the local grocery stores to see what we could find. The two kinds of “bacon” that we picked up were a tempeh bacon and this Morning Star brand. I’ll do a review on the other one as well, as soon as I try it.


So, looking more at the box, I realized that this “bacon” wasn’t vegan. It was vegetarian. It had egg product in it. That bummed me out a bit, but I’m ok. I’ll know for next time, and it’s still a good transitional item.


When I opened the pack the strips were all laid out just like a package of any other bacon. The strips reminded me of turkey bacon. They had a pork bacon pattern to them, but honestly, I could have gone without that. They smelled like bacon which was nice. As far as cooking them, it was simple. I would cook yours less than mine. I always liked my bacon crispy. This “bacon” crisps up quickly.


I over cooked mine (It clearly tells you NOT to do that on the box…oops). Looking at them, I thought they looked perfect, but the parts that were too brown tasted burnt. The pieces of the bacon that were actually cooked perfectly tasted great. It had a similar taste to bacon. The texture was crunchy. Not chewy at all. It was slightly salty, which also gave it that bacon flavor. Overall I would give this bacon a 7 out of ten.


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