Our Family

A little about us.

When I think about my family, many words come to mind.

Feisty. Unique. Messy. Strange. Awesome. And a boat load more.

My small family of four is made of four vastly different personalities, yet we all seem to find some common ground. Enough for us to stand being around each other that is. Of course, when I pictured having kids, I pictured them all being just like me. Quiet for the most part. Reserved. I imagined them sitting down peacefully with me as we read books, watched movies, or napped. I don’t know what kind of fantasy I was living in, but I was totally unprepared for what I got.


My first born, Karli, is the opposite of that silly image I created in my mind, and to my surprise I love it. She is seven going on sixteen, and not one ounce of her is ashamed of it. She owns every room she walks into, in a way that I never will. My favorite part to her, is her confidence. She never holds back and she’s proud of who she is. She has taught me a lot. She always speaks her mind, but is mindful of the feelings of others. She is loud and playful and full of life. She keeps her head in books, which makes me proud. Her love of reading amazes me. Some of her hobbies include reading, ballet, soccer, singing, anything creative, and a ton more. There isn’t much that Karli doesn’t like. She’s quite easy to please.


My second born, is a sweet happy baby, named Norah. Now I don’t know how Norah’s personality will play out over the next few years, but if her personality now is any indication, I’m in some trouble. Norah spends her days napping and eating…. a bunch. At just 3 months she is weighing in at a whopping 16 pounds. She doesn’t miss any meals. When she isn’t doing either of those things, she is busy smiling, bouncing, and screaming. Yes. Screaming. Never in my life have I heard a baby with a set of lungs like hers. We’re talking Mariah Carey. She has very rarely cried. In the early days when we were dealing with gas, she cried some, but other than that it always screaming. One of these days, I’ll have to record her. But only when I’m sure you can handle it. Norah is the type of baby who knows what she wants and wants it now. I hope she never loses that. I am excited to see how her personality develops.

I also hope that I don’t get run over by these two girls who are bursting with light and energy. I just need to keep up!


My fiancé’ Andrew is something else. Hmmm, how would I describe him. Earlier when I used the word “mess” to describe my family, I was referring to him. LOL. I’m just joking…. sorta. Andrew is probably the silliest person I know. He constantly keeps me and the girls laughing and smiling, even when he doesn’t mean to. Sometimes his jokes have me laughing for days, and then other times I want to publish a book of the worst dad jokes on the planet, and put his name on the cover, ha. Some of his other interests include sleeping and watching horror films. This is probably the main reason we started dating. He likes what I like, and thank God because we all now know the girls don’t do “chill”. The thing I really appreciate about Andrew is that he is constantly trying. He is always putting forth effort, especially with the girls. I couldn’t ask for a better father for them. I’m very grateful for that.

Now on to the most important person: ME! 😉


As I said before, I was hoping the girls would come out to be just like me. I know now how boring that would have been, because my favorite hobbies include being a human burrito and consuming burritos. I like to wrap up in my blanket and watch movies. I like breakfast in bed. Lunch in bed. Dinner in bed. I like my bed. If I could never leave, I would so be okay with that. I like to read and write, but sometimes find it hard to do either with the girls and their schedules. They keep me busy and they wear me out. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way though. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life, but that’s just life. These three humans have made everything worth while.

I’m so thrilled to be able to share our lives with other people, and connect with other families similar to AND different than ours.

With all the love!



6 thoughts on “Our Family”

  1. Beautiful family. Life is just too busy and having someone to make you laugh is a blessing. I married a clown, not a circus one, but one who find the fun on everything.


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